Thursday, January 15, 2009

Little One Behaviour

Noticed that my little one already have his frequent wake up time. He will starts to kick me at 10.30 am for the 1st time in the morning and then continuous until 11am nonstop. In between there is will small little kungfu-ing happening and then at 1 pm, will starts another round of hard kick and then 3.30, 6.30, 9.30, 11.30 and the last will be around 1.30 if I am still awake..LOL

after that time, I will not feeling him because I am asleep like a pig! Once in a while, will get to feel his kung fu-ing early in the morning at around 7 something, maybe because he already wake up and feeling hungry but i will not give in and continue to sleep.

Yesterday when we went for a ultra scan, the little one, seem to be agigated when the doctor pressed the look alike barcode scanner on my tummy and I can see him used his little hand and push the pressure away from him.The doctor seem to be shocked a bit because little one seem to be so active. But for me, I am used to all his kung fu-ing days and night, so, its just very normal! LOL

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