Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bad Times

I believe that nowadays everyone is struggling especially those who own a business due to the fact that the economy seems to be bad and more and more client in their payment. Well, my friend who owns a business was having the same problem and he was thinking how to solve his problem. At the moment, in the office, he has 3 IT personnel but I am thinking that, that was a lot because you see, his company is not a big company furthermore, the overturn for his company every year just to hired the IT personnel are the highest comparing with the others and yet, he does not have much work for all the 3 IT personnel to share among them self and thus you can see them playing games, watching youtube or even facebook-ing on office hours.

Thus, I recommend that, he should consult manhattan it consulting who can recommend a better solution and he can actually save more than paying the 3 IT personnel every month just for them to come to the office, play around and watch movie in the office. Well, its his call whether he wanted to take that action or not but if I am the owner of the company, I will sure consult Manhattan It Consulting as I rather the my business goes on than having 3 IT personnel that are useless to my company.

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