Monday, January 12, 2009

Good Bye Old Ones..

I have a few blogs which I am handling now but I did not list it out or made it public but I do update it daily just for the purpose of earning some cash to maintain a few of my own domain. All these while, the blogs has been contributing quite a decent earning for me but since the economy is not doing well 2 months ago, I noticed that they are not earning any cent at all. I regretted that I did not invest in Boston Search Engine Optimization last time when I have the extra money with me from all the earning I get from blogging but I guess that is no point of pulling hairs and regretting every single days.

I am in the process of creating more and more new blogs and all the old blogs that are not performing well, I will just leave them to die since they are not contributing and updating them daily will just wasting my precious time where I can use the time to create and update the new blogs. Hopefully after Chinese New Year, thing will be much more better as I am really short of cash right now and with my decision to resign very soon, I am so stress up that I could not wake up in time to go to work every morning!

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