Monday, January 12, 2009

My Long Time Soft Toy Collection

As I am going through my photos collection just now, I was 001 when I saw this photo.

This photo was taken in year 2006

My God! I do have a lot of soft toys! But luckily the count are not as many as seen in this photo anymore as I been giving out a lot of the toys to friend, relatives, and even strangers... too many until no space to put! If not mistaken, I am left with only less than 20 which me and hubby carefully choose and intend to keep for our children in the future.

While this one was taken in year 2007

Only those we like, we keep it for our self and our future children, the rest was history.

For my own note, since I am getting old and yes I am having bad times remember something, these soft toys are not bought by us. We actually won it from those clamping machine in Planet Holiday which you can found in Sg Wang, Summit and etc.

And yay, I still could not completely stop playing those clamping machine because my collection is still increasing...

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miche said...

wah! so many!!! you must be good at the clamping machine game. must teach me lar..tak pernah get anything!