Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Baby Products

Went to Japlo, right behind my office to check out some baby stuff and bought a bargain of clothing for little D! 3 pieces of top at only RM 7.90 and 3 pieces of short pant for RM 6.90! What a steal!

Anyway, I did not managed to get him some baby bib as the design was really limited! Nothing look nice to me and all the design are either came with the Japlo's logo itself or too blank without any design at all and the price is almost the same with others brand that I saw at other places.

I finally decided to get a cheap electric breast pump that cost not more than RM 200 compared to those more than RM 500 and above as I found out that its does not have any differences on the usage. Just because of the brand wise, I have to fork out another few hundreds buck? No thank you. After a few check on a few website such as which founded in 1996, I think my decision is right. From that website, I get to know more about other products as well as they are offering more than 55,000 products under 50 categories and hundreds of sub-categories.

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