Sunday, March 1, 2009

Baby Stuffs From My Dear Warehouse Sale

Went to My Dear Warehouse sale and these are the fruits that we got back from the warehouse sale!

Normal Price: RM 369.90
Sale Price: RM 240.00!! NICE!

Normal price: RM 69.90
Sale price: 53.00. Consider alright, not really a good bargain but still I need it.

Well, one problem settled, another 2 to go. Booked the baby cot already and will be getting it next month hopefully when we finish clearing up the room. Not sure what else to buy, but now having headache where to put all the baby stuffs for the mean time. They are all over the house right now!

Left right also baby stuffs!


miche said...

dats jogging stroller right? u jog meh? hehehe

the baby carrier arh...honestly i tell u that i bought but seldom use...better buy the baby sling, more comfy. :)

babyfiona said...

ya, its a jogging stroller :P and i dont jog kekeke, but my hubby insist to have it because its look cool with the absorber haha!

neh my hubby lar..dont know him lar, he use not i use..i wont be using the carrier because i dont like the idea of the baby leg hanging half way like that..blocking the blood..=___="