Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Greatness Of A Hero & Reunion Dinner

Apart from watching the new drama series from TVB Hong Kong, called the The Greatness Of The Hero, I am also chasing the Singapore drama series called the Reunion Dinner. A drama series with 20 episodes and the story is based on a few family with problem with their life, money, and family 3 weeks before the Chinese New Year celebration. Not bad! I like the drama very much!

By the way, I saw inside the drama on how one of the family been handling their art storage problem. I think they lack of knowledge on how to store their art as they been keeping their previous and expensive art inside the bottom of their home staircase and like normal, when one of the member of the family wanted to get some stuff inside their so-called staircase, they will have problem as they scared that they will break anything else.

Well, the script writer should do more research on how to settle the art storage problem, at least it will look nice inside the drama series. They should at least check out the Imagine Mind Eyes's website and and get some inspiration from the way they handle the art storage problem as they have been dealing with famous client such as the museum, collectors as well as corporate party.

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