Monday, February 16, 2009

Mushie Moshiu is Down again..

Aiks..Mushie Moshiu is down new update then, can't get my favourite drama ..but luckily I found a nice photo site to browse on to waste my time. Here are some of the nice photos I like inside the Flickr I accidentally stumbled upon. Nice? I like the details of the photo. Could not imagine that a normal fly will give such nice photo effect! Normally when I see a fly, I have the intention to smack it with the fly smacker! LOL but this is the first time, I really love the look of a fly! LOL!


A normal fly! Those that you see inside your kitchen! See how beautiful a fly can be inside this photo!

Another photo that I like!

There are more, if you are into photography, check out the link here! Dillon Chan's Photostream

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