Friday, February 20, 2009

Water Heater Installed

We had just installed a water heater in our own bathroom after 3 years staying in the house. The water heater that we changed from the point was laying there inside my store room for quite some times and now only hubby willing to install it. Well, I am not complaining since he willing to install it for me now but think of it, I rather have an electric tankless water heater right now instead of the old model of the water heater that he just installed for me because hey, of course new model the function will be much better. Not only that the design is also another matter and the old model that we are having does not have the super pump system and thus, when I am showering, I feel like someone pissing on me instead of the waterfall feeling...

Anyway, of course, its better than nothing at all! :D

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