Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Yummy Places

I never been to Denver before,not in my dream as well but if I have the chance I will sure fly myself there, visit and dine in at some well know restaurants there because I know a few restaurants that we must visit if we were in Denver. How I know about the restaurant? Well thanks to Westword, an online daily updated website that give Denver residents, from all walks of life the straight story on their community which covers all the entertainment, happening, movies, music, nightlife, dining and more. Of course, my favorite page in the Westword will be the Denver Restaurants section, where I can get all the famous and must go for a try places to have a scrumptious meal

Here a review I get from the Westword on delicious Thai food!

We've spent years wandering the streets of Denver, looking for good pad thai, masamun and papaya salad — and found a lot of versions that were mediocre, even bad. And then we discovered US Thai Cafe. At this tiny spot, all the classic dishes of Thai cuisine have a depth and breadth of flavor quite unlike anything we'd ever tasted before. And on top of that, they're offered in an ascending scale of heat, from total pussy to nuclear conflagration, that can be endlessly tinkered with and adjusted according to how much pain you want with your pleasure.

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