Thursday, March 5, 2009

Borrow Money? Not From Loan Shark

Some people are really so darn stupid. I really do not know why they can actually go and borrow money from those unlicensed loan shark whereby they already know that they will not be able to pay the Ah long back in time. How to if the interest rate is so damn high? Loan of RM 90K, in less than half a year, the loan came to a total of RM 150K! How to pay? I wonder why they do not want to go for bank loan instead of borrowing from the loan shark.

At least you will no need to worry about the Debt Collection matters whereby bank will just call you first to remind, then only they will be sending their 3rd party debt collector to personally collect from you. Not like the loan shark which they will be using the harsh way of collecting the debt. Just like what happen to one of my mutual friend's friend brother. The brother borrow 90K from the loan shark and now he had been taken away by the loan shark. The loan shark was asking for a full payment to release this friend brother and well, hopefully he came back in a piece!

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