Thursday, March 12, 2009

Home Based Project

I am thinking to have another home-based project. Not sure if this will be good or not, but I am planning to handmade some baby product such as baby bib and baby booties! Not sure if I can actually do it or not but I will try and do some experiment on it first before I starts to market it.

I browsed around and saw lots of cute design which I know that it will be a hit among those new mommies because I myself also fell in love with all the design that I saw! So cute to resist!

Here are a few design that I saw and hopefully I am able to DIY for my little D first!

cute baby bibs that I saw online. The designer really creative on the design..

I love this one the most but too bad, my little D will not be able to own this..

This is nice as well..but a little bit hard to DIY myself but anyway, will try and see what is the outcome!

p/s: all the above design is owned by the individual designer themself..

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