Sunday, March 8, 2009

Short Trip To Bukit Tinggi

Its 11.09 in the morning and I just wake up from my sleep on a Sunday morning! Yesterday was really a tiring day as I been walking non stop for a few hours and that was on the high hill called the Bukit Tinggi. Really darn high as what we did that was only walk, walk, walk and walk, in between of taking some beautiful photo and cam-whoring..

We started our journey at 2pm right after we had our lunch at the Louisiana which see me eating 2 plates of spaghetti. Wow, the promotional set lunch are very worth it! I mentioned that right in my last post? Go try it out! alright, ditch that topic, as I am talking about the Bukit Tinggi side..

We reached there at around 3 pm and straight we went up to the top of the hill, where the Japanese tea garden and the Botanical garden is located. And this fat tummy lady need to walk 300 metres heading the top of the hill which is darn narrow.. by the time I reached the top, my breath almost stop..feel like wanted to Ding Dong anytime~

Japanese Tea Garden & Botanical Garden

After we reached the top of the hill, only we realized that they actually have this so called bus to take us up there.. -____-"

Inside the Botanical Garden, there was a japanese restaurant that look like an Art Storage place! Nice scenery and nice environment to have a relaxing lunch or maybe dinner but they closed at 6pm every day and 7 pm on saturday, sunday and public holiday..

A random photo from the botanical farm..

This as well, look like the lucky clove leaf..

This was from the japanese tea garden..

Nice view is nobody was there ..


Jian Akiraceo (Miao) said...

I wanted to go there.. for quite some time d... but just couldnt find Kakis to go :(

how much is the entry fee eh?

babyfiona said...

sepuluh ringgit only :D excluding the rabbit park..dint manage to go there because spent too long at the jap tea garden and botanical garden hehe