Friday, March 6, 2009


Its always been my dream to be spectacles-less. I been wearing spectacles and being called as specky since I was 9 years old. I still remember when I first wear it to the school. I am the one and only kid there that wear spectacles and at that time, everybody seem like envy me because I am kind of special or different from them as maybe at that time, spectacles seem to be an accessories to them but for me, its was a disaster. I hate wearing the super big and heavy glasses and having it on my nose all the while that I stop wearing it at all even though I can not see the white board.

By not wearing it, I have to use extra energy on both my eyes and thus, that increases the power of my eyes which of course making it even worst. By the age of 12 years old, my power went from a mere 200 shoot up to 400...and the power never went down..all these year, its keep on increase and until today, I am yet to get any laser eye surgery done. I started to use contact lenses when I am in Form 4 and of course I have a very good sister who actually paid for my contact lenses supply but then I stop using the contact lenses when I started my college life and until today I been on spectacles again. Still hoping that I can get to laser my eyes but at this point, if I can afford it, I will go for it, but it is not my first priority anymore since I get used to the name "specky" already..

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Rocky Ciavattone said...

My wife had LASIK. She had it done at New England Eye Center over at Tufts Medical Center. She can't stop raving about it, said she should have had it done sooner. She now see 20/10 the doc told her. 14 months after surgery even. Since then she's had 2 friends from work, 1 personal friend and 3 of our relatives all go into New England Eye Center and get their LASIK and they're all doing great. I hate every one of them, I can't get it LASIK done because my corneas are too thin apparently :( is their website.