Friday, April 10, 2009

Good News From A Friend

Met one of my ex-colleague last week at a shopping mall. She was really doing great as she will soon graduate from her law study in less than half a year time. The last time I met her, she was really in a bad shape since she had been separated with her husband who cheated on her with another girl but after a month or so, I heard that she took up courses on law and there she is, going to graduate soon.

Maybe its a good thing that her husband cheated on her because before that incident, she was just a normal lady with low esteem personalities. Ever since the incident happen, she begin to change and she even said that she will be going off to join the Massachusetts OUI Lawyer group when she graduated from the local law course she is studying now. I am happy for her as I know that this lawyer firm is very famous for Drunk Driving Defense. Many famous peoples had engages their services because of their high reputation in the market.

By the way, she will be getting married soon-second time as she found a very nice guy that study at the same college with her and their wedding will be held at the most romantic place - France! So nice to hear such a good news from her!

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