Friday, May 8, 2009

19 Days To Go

Am counting the days left. One of my friend commented that when she stop seeing my counting, then it will be the celebration time. As for me, I am having my most tension time whereby I am lack of time. Not enough time for me to settle all my office work as well as house work that need to be done before the arrival of Little-D.

Been going here and there to search for some door knobs to replace the old ones because most of the old door knobs in the house seem too dangerous to my little one when he knows how to move around. I know its a little too fast to think about this but hubby said, its better to change it first or else we will forget the whole thing. Well, true enough since I have a very bad memory as well as hubby, so we decided to search for the safe door knobs to replace the old one now. Better be safe then sorry..

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