Monday, May 4, 2009

Tight Financial

I am so freaking broke now! How I wish I can have some extra money to invest in silver coins but too bad, my financial flow is really too tight! If it is not that tight, I may contact Monex Deposit company (MDC) and purchase the silver ingot which came in varieties size and shape and keep it for maybe 10 years for my coming Little-D as an investment since I got the news that the price of silver ingots will be shooting up to sky in a few weeks time.

I know that my money will be safe in the hand of Monex Precious Metals as they are the home to a large and dedicated stadd of hard asset professionals committed to serve the client and being the America's best dealer in dealing with silver, gold and metal investment, but really too bad I could not find my way to get the money for this investment.

Hopefully I will be getting lots of assignment soon so that I will still have time to get my hand on some of the silver ingots.

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