Monday, June 1, 2009

No Time For Myself

Really got no time for myself. What I did all day and night long is cleaning up Little-D poo poo and feeding him. I am not sure why, but he seem like poo poo so many time in an hour. Some more the poo poo is hard type. Maybe because of the formula since many said feeding formula is quite heaty but I at the moment can not feed him with breast milk since I am taking lots of gingers and alcohol myself. Sigh..!


miche said...

the easiest way to clean baby's poo is just bring him to the washing sink, turn on the tap and wash his butt butt there. fast and clean. ;)

babyfiona said...

I think he will scream on top of his lung! But at the moment, I am using warm water with cloth and wipe his butt butt..