Monday, August 3, 2009

1st Day of Work..

I am half dead! Almost..

Sleep at 3.10 in the morning and then wake up at 6.55 am is no fun at all..then have to go work for 9 hours with freaking lots of work to do even on the very first day..its even worst than u go in to war war zone at least you can still ahve some shield to protect from the bullet but this escape at all..

My amount of work? DOUBLE than last time...
I can't even finish one thing the whole day..guess I am not that efficient anymore..thanks to my body..I am so clumsy and my brain is working really slow..real slow..

By end of the day, I am so freaking tired because Little-D could not adapt to the new routine..been crying since he came back and after 3 freaking hours, now he is asleep..

This is even much more better than best weight loss pills that had been around for so long..I know because I knew..

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