Wednesday, August 5, 2009

He Is My BEST Weapon To Be Slim..

Little-D can just be the best diet pills that I ever need because the weighing machine was showing me another kg was gone..a week a kg and who will need to starve yourself? I always heard people complaining that when you have your own kid, you will starts to lose weight..and YES, it is true. So true that I am starting to lose weight but not on the healthy side as I been skipping meals or sometimes was too late for a meal to be called according to the time they suppose to be called.

Like 5 minutes ago, I just finished my so called dinner at 11.20pm where I started to have it at 8pm but since Little-D feeding time clashed with my dinner time, I will have to wait and fed him, pat him to sleep because I can continue to eat but by the time everything was one, including patting him to sleep, its already 11 something because I fall asleep together with him...or before him to be actual..

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