Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So Lazy..

Am so lazy today. Didn't start my work until after lunch hour time and now at 5.00 pm, I only did 10% of my work. Sigh! What a LAZY day...even worst than Monday Bluez!

Was chatting with one of my long lost friend in colleague and she told me that she is 6 months pregnant! So nice. How I really missed my pregnant time. I missed the feeling of Little-D inside me and I miss all the movement of Little-D inside..

Anyway, my this friend was telling me that she conceived her baby when she was on her
destination weddings at the Riviera Maya. She is so lucky because she had her dream wedding, and she got a nice gift follow up for her wedding. A new life :P She and her hubby must be enjoyed the scenery and all the amenities there as Riviera Maya is popular for their beautiful beach view and the white beach sand.

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