Thursday, September 17, 2009

D.I.E Again Ending Soon

Wow, D. I. E Again will reaching the end by next week, if not mistaken as there are only 25 episodes and today already aired episode number 22. So which mean 3 more episodes to go!

Went to a shopping mall today and saw that they are having this digital cameras fair. So Cheap! That is my first reaction because hubby bought my camera for me at RM 1500.00 and today I saw it is selling at RM 1000.00 only which is RM 500 different.. Not only that there are many new models available with new technology and higher pixel but yet the price is much more lower than my camera..aiyoyo! Should have wait for a while then only buy the camera, at least can save RM 500.00! Don't you think so?

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