Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lazy Butt

Sometimes I really do not understand why those hypermarket installed the barcode scanner when it is down and can not be used..Just for the sake that "we do provide them for customer but just that we are lazy to service it"? Because every single time that I wanted to check out the price of something, I am sure that the barcode scanner will not be functioning! Not at all! Not once!

I really hope that they will fix their barcode scanner soon or maybe get a new Honeywell Barcode Scanner or else I will not be going back there anymore! Just imagine, you wanted to know the price of something and there is no label or whatsoever that says how much is the thing and then when you went over to the counter to pay, its show on the machine of 20% higher than usual or normal price!!! WTF! and with such long que behind, I really do not know what to do except to pay for the price because if I tell them that I do not want the item, the cashier there will need to call for assistance and the supervisor will be slowly taking their own time walking over and slowly key in the password and slowly deduct the item in the list and some more show me their black face! Sigh!

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