Monday, October 12, 2009

Served Me Right

I think I am too heaty from the durian that I took yesterday afternoon right after my lunch and that is why I got the thumping headache which started from last night until this evening. After a few round of plain water, I can say that I feel much more better and yes, I do regret that I did not stop when hubby told me that "it is not for you to finish it" while he pointing his finger toward the durian that he bought back the day before. Thus, today at work, I have to faced the consequences..blurry eyes sight, head like someone knocking on it, a little bit of tummy ache and feeling nausea..well served me right. This to remind myself that "DO NOT EAT" so much durian at one go especially if I wanted to go out station and when I need to rush something the next day for my boss like checking out on the puerto vallarta hotel for his next business trip.

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