Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mickey Oh Mickey!

I like Mickey Mouse! Its been my favourite cartoon character since I am a kid but too bad that my family is not rich to bring me over to visit Disney land. All I can do during my childhood time, is to save a little bit of my pocket money and buy some sticker with Mickey Mouse on it. I do have a sticker book with lots and lots of Mickey Mouse on it that is still at my parent's house.

When Little-D is old enough, I will sure to bring him to visit Disney Land. It is really to buy Disney Tickets nowadays with the online technology. We can just order the ticket and pay online without much hassle. I can just visit www.OrlandoFunTickets.com or call toll free (866) 225-4712 for more information or when I want to order the ticket as they are licensed and bonded with the state of Florida, OFT aims to provide family vacations at affordable prices.

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