Friday, January 8, 2010

Family Vacation

Little-D is 7 months 2 weeks and 3 days old. At this age, he is able to sit by himself without any support for more than 5 minutes and i guess it will be time when he will be able to walk very soon. Just another 4 more months to go and we will be able to go for our first ever family vacation ! BUT! Yes a BIG BUT! BUT we will need to find a Kid friendly vacation as Little-D is a very fussy baby. Hmm baby, in a few more months, I should starts changing the way I am calling him from baby to toddler!

Well, first thing came into my mind is Karisma Hotels whereby they are very famous for their white-sand beaches of Riviera Maya. I can't imagine how Little-D would react when his little feet touches the sand! LOL! I know that a lot of baby and kids does not like the feeling of touching the sand at all! But I am sure that he will like it as my and hubby also a sand fans! :)

The atmosphera there is also another good point of me choosing Karisma Hotels as they are design to be children friendly despite they are a luxurious hotel based. Wow, I could not imagine me having a nice sun tan beside my beach beds with Little-D playing on the sand!

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