Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Hate Acne

Oily, pain and low self esteem, these are what I hate the most. Thanks to those acne who pop up on my face whenever they can. How I hate acne. I been living with them since I could not even recall. Its started when I am 14 years old and I still remember, the red volcano on my face that will going to explode anything soon. The pain..sigh..un-describable. But since I started to use one of the product that I am using now, its started to slow down. Hardly can see any acne on my face :). What is left is only the scar. Hopefully, by end of this year, the scar will also fade away ..kekeke

For those who wanted to know more on how to kick the butt of the acne,click here for acne scar removal, I am sure that you will get something useful from there and well, good luck!

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LeahDizon said...

i guess nobody like do i...just drink more water...8x500ml per day..and have enough sleep...