Friday, January 22, 2010

Stupid Bug Flu!

What a day! A very hectic one. And I been awake for more than 22 hours..another 2 more hours, it will be 24 hours without sleeping.

Thanks to my stupid flu bug that have so much fun and went to attack Little-D as well as my hubby. At first I thought I can have a good night sleep when I reached home yesterday but when I saw Little-D, I went "HOLY SHIT! I ain't going to have even a second of peaceful time tonight!"

And yes, its turn out what I thought was correct. 100%! as he been waking up a few times, interval of every 1 hour, by the time I finally found my self a place where I can breath, its the time for him to wake up already since he also having difficulty of breathing and I will need to rub Vick all over again on behind his ear and rub both my hand until its warm enough and place it behind his back. This effect only last for 1 hour I guess as he wake up every 1 hour as I mentioned just now.

I regret that I am not involve in any jobs in healthcare or else I will know more on how to handle such situation..well at least I will have more time to sleep ...argh!

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