Saturday, May 28, 2011

Prepping Your Kids for Summer Camp

The end of the school year… a time of heightened anticipation for kids. As the final class bell rings, students rush out of the classrooms, lockers empty out in a hurried mess, and screams and shouts of joy echo through the halls. It’s a scene we’ve all seen if not in real life, then certainly in a few Hollywood movies over the course of the years.

For parents, the start of summer can be a much more anxious time. Unlike school, work and real-life responsibilities don’t take a holiday during the warm months every year. Compounding that reality is the fact that while kids may be thrilled that school is out, all it means for parents is that they suddenly need to find a new way to occupy 8 hours of their children’s lives on a daily basis without letting them run wild.

Thankfully, into this predicament comes summer camp, the annual rite of passage for thousands, if not millions of kids every summer. For a couple of weeks or even a month, campfires burn brightly, canoes push across lakes, and marshmallows roast between graham crackers and chocolate. Nevertheless, before shipping their kids off to camp, parents still need to properly prepare their youngsters (and their belongings) and camp labels and bag tags are a good first step.

You see, kids are by nature at least a little bit forgetful, and the average summer camp lost and found pile is a treasure trove of misplaced and forgotten hats, back packs, sweaters, books, shoes, and all kinds of other belongings. As a parent, constantly replacing things can get annoying and expensive. So, with a little foresight, a lot of frustration can be avoided by ordering personalized labels for kids that vary from stick-on labels for books, to bag tags for back packs, and iron-on labels for apparel.

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