Monday, April 29, 2013

Tiring Weekend

Both little one was down with fever, cough, flu and running nose.

The elder one was down with fever and vomited in school on Thursday morning in which the school called me to pick me up. The school teacher said he keep on coughing and vomited, so its better for him to go back home. Upon reaching the school, he look fine to me but when he insisted to go back home instead. The next day he was down with terrible cough and the temperature is rising up.

As for the younger one, been down since last weekend. Had fever on Sunday night but was alright when its nearing day time. few days later, he was down with fever again which comes along with his cough, phlegm and terrible flu.

And yet, its Monday today and they are still not 100% well. Hope by this week, they will be fully recover.

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