Friday, April 26, 2013

Wedding Flowers

Gosh! This coming July will be my 7th wedding anniversary wedding!! Its been a long journey with ups and downs, and yet I still remember the wedding flowers that we ordered 7 years ago! It was a disaster at that time due to limited of time and resources, so we had to simply call a number and we ordered the wedding flowers without any opportunity to see what we might get! We ordered around 500 long stemmed red roses over phone, and not even through the internet where you could visit the site and read customer reviews etc., so we ended up with around 100 pink roses, 100 yellow and the rest of 300 were a mixture of I don't know what flowers!!! I was so shocked, and I cried when I received all the wrong flowers and I thought my wedding was doomed. Luckily my best friend was there for me. When she saw the order, she just made a quick call to a contact of hers, and 500 long stemmed red roses arrived at my place within 30 minutes! WOW! That was really fast! I am so glad that she is around when bad things like this happen, and I am so lucky that the florist was able to provide me with the order in just 30 minutes time! That was the last time I would simply place my order with a contact we aren't familiar with! After that incident, I now know that we must have a good contact in order to have a pleasant and successful event, otherwise we might end up having another disaster like that again! Therefore, there will be NO next time for me to use an unknown contact for such big event and of course I'd rather stick to my friend's contact as the florist was really a very good one. Up until today, I am still using this florist for many occasions like arranging birthday flowers, gifts and even helping my clients to order as well!

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