Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother Day

as what they said. But for me, its not a happy day. Like a usual day, started my day in the morning with a crying baby. He will sure cry every day without fail in the morning as he seem to be forced to wake up as the sleepy face is still there. Clean his butt like normal as he wake up to poo. Well its his routine to poo every morning right after waking up. Then Little D wake up and that starts my day with yelling and shouting as he will give me all short of thing to shout about! He step on his brother fingers when jumping on the sofa in which i been telling him do not jump freaking times! he play water, he play those things that he should not be playing and so fort. Had my lunch at 3pm..which is not a good thing at all as the younger one already started to feel sleeping have making a big fuss. My dinner , the usual dinner, Little D spill the drink all over..argh!

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