Monday, May 13, 2013

Moving Experience.

Last time, I had a friend that stay in the United State but she moved to another city after half a year stay and guess what? She called for a help when she need to move. She tried to get a local mover to help her to move her stuff of half and year and the company quoted her a very high sum of $$$ which she barely can afford. She looked for another alternative but ended up the same as the moving company does not turn up on the moving day itself! Imagine her frustration and her stress level at that time with all the stuff half packed and the mover did not show up. If i were in her shoe, I will already break down and cried my eyes out! As for me, I believe that a moving company will make your relocation a breeze. Moving doesn’t have to cause you an ulcer. Find the right movers to make your stomach feel at ease. Agreed? I am truly agreed with this as moving to a new location and having to meet the new people already a big stress to me and yet, we still need to endure with such stress of moving? Nah! What she needs is a good and reputable trailer rental company and just sit and enjoy her new relocation. Why she need to stress her self up? Thus, I gave her my contact and she straight away called the contact. Within 10 minutes time, the movers send the staff there with a huge trailer even though her stuff only fill 1/3 of the trailer! She called me after half and hour and update me that she is already on the way to her new place! Fast and easy :)

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