Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Bad Headache!

AUCH! Headache again..havent have this kind of headache since in high school. The feeling is like someone just bang your head to the wall or hit your head with 1 tonne hammer -.-" which lasted for more than 2 days..sigh..

Really regret that i allowed the stylist to massage my head while washing my hair the other day when i went to cut my hair short. Thought i can have some complimentary or FOC service but ended up with BIG HEADACHE..

Anyhow, just cut my hair and from a cinderella.. oh not cinderella, Rapunzal hair to be actual. years spent to raise my hair, in less than 10 minute, all kaput and down on the floor.. -.-" together with the $$ i spent on my hair for coloring = RM130 + digital perm = RM 300 = all together RM 430.00 down to the drain within 10 minute..
Next time wont spend so much on perming..just colour will do hehehe and thinking of purple clour..hmm..for CNY? YEAH!

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