Thursday, January 11, 2007

Kena Conned..Not really

Was reading a daily dose of blog and this remind me that i also kena the same thing.

It was around 7 pm at Taman Tayton View, me and hubby just finished our scooping in the Fish shop and as we walk to the car, we saw two lady stading at the road side near the parking. Upon we sit in the car, they start to walk over and knock on the window. As my hubby was the driver, he wind down the window a little bit and one of the lady started to talk in alien language which have a very strong china slang..and mentioned that they both from dunt know which prominent state in china and was waiting for their employer to fly-in from Hong kong -.-". Somemore they dont have any money and no place to stay.

Then again, the way they come so near to the car and stick her old ugly hand in, resting on the window is really show that this is not the first time because, she said they quite embrassed to ask money from somebody that they dont even know and because me and my hubby both is chinese then only they dare to ask. -.-"

Me and my hubby look each other for a while and we telepathic that we should gave some money for them lar, at least they wont scratch or kick our car just because we dont want to give them money.. and i took out a red colour one and pass to my hubby as i am sitting the the passanger side. Then the another girl who been standing behind all the while came and get the money and said in chinese..RM 10 not enough, if Rm 20 its better !! WTF!

Want to con ppl also can negotiate $#&$%#^@()@!!

luckily at that time, i only got Rm 17 inside my purse and my hubby explained that we dont have another 10 to give to them and then he fast fast wind up the window and off we go..hehehe

and because of i gave them the RM 10, i dont have the money to buy my earings.. and i saw got a stall selling 5 for RM 10 and all also damn nice.. -.-" bah..

p/s: Just know my mom also kena conned -.-" . She gave RM 50 for the same described china girls..adoi!


~estnora~ said...

waaa...ini kene pow namanye!!too d same time, if tis happen to me, i'll be scared + panic.

babyfiona said...

luckily is 2 chinese GALs inside of 2 chinese GUYs..hehe