Saturday, April 14, 2007

Lucky Bitch I am

Just woked up in a couple of minutes ago and here me sitting infront of my lappy again making my entry.

Yesternight before i fall asleep, suddently something remind me of how lucky i am. Lucky to have someone sleeping beside me, hugging me tightly eventhought i tried hard to kick him off from me because his body is warm and that spoilt my temperature to sleep. Yes i need to feel cold then only i can sleep. So without air-conditioning, i will die..Its as important as air to me.

Back to my topic. That lucky feeling came after i read one of my ex-high school friend's blog where most of her entry published out her loneliness. With her alone is a stranger place, without anyone to talk to her, make her happy or even lend her a shoulder to cry on makes me feel i am lucky. Very luck indeed because i can have my significant half to accompany me every single meal, everyday, everytime and everywhere. I dont need a shoulder to cry on as i already dont need to cry because he will be the stronger one to blocked me off from anything. He might be not as good as god, but her certainly my guardian angel.

I am so so LUCKY to have him by my side. And i wish my friend who have not meet their significant half will met one soon enough to "tong fong tong yue" for them!


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AceOne118 said...

Fuiyoh!! Leng chai la!!