Monday, May 28, 2007

How Men Change..

I received an email from my friend a moment ago and now was wondering if these really true..


*The Love Word*

After 6 weeks: I looo-ve you, I love you, I love you!
After 6 months: Of course, I love you.
After 6 years: GOD, if I didn't love you, then why did I marry you?

*Back from Work*

After 6 weeks: Honey, I'm home!
After 6 months: I'm BACK!!
After 6 years: Have you cooked yet?

*Phone Ringing:*

After 6 weeks: Baby, somebody wants you on the phone.
After 6 months: Here, it's for you.
After 6 years: ANSWER THE PHONE DAM*T!!


After 6 weeks: I never knew food could taste so good!
After 6 months: What are we having for dinner tonight?
After 6 years: DUMPLING AGAIN??

*New Dress*

After 6 weeks: Wow, you look like an angel in that dress.
After 6 months: You bought a new dress again?
After 6 years: How much did THAT cost me?


After 6 weeks: Baby, what would you like us to watch tonight?
After 6 months: I like this movie.
After 6 years: I'm going to watch PIRATES play, if you're not in the mood, go to bed, I can stay up by myself!

*Making Love*

After 6 weeks: Baby, I want you tonight?
After 6 months: Lets make another baby, my mother just called!!!
After 6 years: Please MOVE over to your side, I'm suffocating here!!!!


yung . said...

kinda true, but i think if there's "how women change.." than it would be more interesting =P

Rabbit said...

men.. tsk tsk! *shake head*

Later i go ask my mom, see if my dad is also like that. Kaka!

bokjae said...

Hey that is a good one! I hope all men read that and realized before it is too late! hahaha!

AceOne118 said...

Kekeke! Liddat wan meh? Your lou kung got see this anot?

Ah Pek said...

sorry I missed you on Saturday.

make it up to you this Saturday, k?

babyfiona said...

[yung] - hehe, then u can come up with a list what! ;p

[lehbit] - LOL, you should ^^. I will wait for the answer ;p

[bokjae] - hehehe, this is a public service announcement ;p

[ace1] - He read already, he said he not agreed with the Phone ringing, cause i dont like to pick up at all one, the cooking cause i dont cook ;p, new dress, cause i buy with my $$ one, and making love cause I am the one always soooohhh him away. LOL!

Gallivanter said...

Hahahahahaha! This had me in stitches! :-)

yipguseng said...

ouch! even myself also have to admit that this most probably will be true!

so discover any symptom from ur boss half yet?

Aaron Chua said...

Eh, how come people always think like that?! LOL~

Huei said...

hahahahah i guess some is true!!! >.< kekeke

fattien said...

this was quite funny :)!!! 50% might true

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

keke ke ke ke ke ke ke

so which your LK fall into ?
ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke

CRIZ LAI said...

Errr...Did we met up 6 years ago? I forgot when I married you...kekeke