Monday, May 28, 2007

My Favourite Songs

Pisang tagged me again ..

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He got tagged me before? Cant even recall..if he got tagged me before or never tagged me before..I am getting old..somemore, he asked me the list out 5 of my favourite songs when I am 18 years old in

18 years old..blurdy 10 years ago..

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So, I went inside and check the year i turned sweet 18. Look see look see, look left look right, look up look down..none of the song that is familiar to me..

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So how? how am I suppose to choose from there??

If that is the case..i will just list down 5 of my favourite songs that i can remember when i am still teenage. Teenage means teenage lar..

1. FIONA by 4U2C

My Lovely name (sorry, its a malay song) but then again, its sound nice! Got people actually compose the song for my lovely name ..first heard this song when I am still very young with my age and my name .

[Sorry have to take out]

2. DAN DAN Kokoro Hikareteku

I have the same fav song as Pisang! Dan Dan kokoro which i first heard from Dragon Ball GT :P. Ok.. I am those girls who into boy stuff ok..just listen lar..

[Sorry have to take out]

3. Slam Dunk Opening Theme Song

Another anime theme song with all the leng chai basketball players !

[Sorry have to take out]

4. Mengerti from KRU
Another Malay hits. Hey that time, this song damn famous ok! Almost everyone in my school knows how to sing this song. I can even remember the lyrics. THAT TIME.

[Sorry have to take out]

5. Dream Come True by Dick&Cow

Which i cannot find inside the net..because i dont understand chinese..bah! go find for me lar..

I still got a whole lots list of the songs which are my favourite back then. Really missed those days..

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Wokey, tagging time!

1. SpookyGrace - AIYO, I HEARD HAM KA LING SONG HERE -__-"

2. Dede Devil - He/She got this cute devil cartoon!

3. Apam Balik - New Fresh blogger ^^

4. Wilson - The anakdatuk

5. Leech - For tagging me last time

Update: I dont know what's wrong with this imeem,cannot seem to embed it in..argh! Anyone can help. Just click the pause button to stop it from playing. Go hay-wire..shit!


pisang goreng 115,NF said...

yeah babyfiona rules!!!!!
tag them tag them....... yahuuuuuu

babyfiona man sui!!!!!!

Gallivanter said...

I love that "Fiona" song, it was such a huge hit back then...though 4u2c had dodgy voices... :-P

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Hehe ur taste of song and my taste of song so different! Kekeke!

AceOne118 said...

Songs or no songs! Now I see your template go hay wire oso! kakaka

Wilson said...

hey... ur template works in IE but not in firewulei....
u tag me..???? what to write ah?

Rabbit said...

Mengerti! I like!!!

But how to sing oledi ah? =P

babyfiona said...

[pisang] all your fault hahaha, u r the one passed me the tag. ;p

[gallivanter] i only like its because its sang my name . LOL ;p

[nesh] of course lar, you are not me what! you are nastasshea JR!

[ace1] fixed edy ler.. the autoplay ruined my layout..*sobsob*

[wilson] - Yalor, ace1 told me, he saw my right tool bar went to the bottom, but i fixed edy..THE TAG, list down 5 of ur fav song when u hit ur sweet 18 ^^ and then continue to tag people lor ;p

[lehbit] - hehe, u go and search for KRU. I cannot sing for you cause i got lousy voice ;p

Wilson said...

hah... sweet 18? solli leh... when i 18 i got no fav song.. didn't listen to music too that time..
onli early morning.... wake up hear the news on the radio (radio 4) then makan my breakfast then go school...
ooo.. i think i can think of some.. need to search.. first time la..