Friday, June 22, 2007

Dizzy Dizzy Bee..

BURRRPPP! Ops! Sowee! Just came back from Subengpeled and had my dinner there! My very first time to try the Manhattan Fish Market. Maybe due to my dizzyness and blurness after went for a test drive for Viva.

The Viva must have a very big problem. Right after I came down, I started to feel "not so balanced". My head started to get off the balancing and seem like I can see some birds flying around. I can't even move my head, everytime, i tried to see to the left side or the right side, I will start to feel dizzy..and the urge to un-stop-able.

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Being me-know-me, I fiercly asked my hub to stop the crap and fast fast went back to the car and zoomed we back to our home. So bad luck today, even the people above us also wanted to joke with me. You see lar, at 7 pm, the seetoopid perbandaran people still go and do the forging..when people not around, they dont want to forge, when people came back from work and want to eat at home or relax at home, they came and forge. Phucking Beautiful!

So, no choice, have to go to somewhere else before we suffocated by the gas from the forging. my hub at first said wanted to go Mid Valley ..aiyo..i blur blur that time, anywhere also no different to me. I only need to 'fix' my stoopid head so that I wont be so "san fu".

Half way before reaching sunway, he turned into SS15 and off we headed to subengpeled..He said better dont go so far..if not the dizzyness will be even worst. Anything lor..I already dont have any reaction at all..only keep on sniffing my beloved minyak angin cap kapak. Even my beloved also can't help much this time..

Reached the subengpeled and my head still the same, have to go and sit at aside without moving..yieks! spin spin spin, I asked what my hub wanted to eat and I suggested to go TgiFriday but due to so many people so rich during the middle or going to be end of the month, we needed to que..

Which ended up we go to other place to eat. No choice lor..and I think my brain really cannot function well, I asked hub to go try the Manhattan Fish Market..stoopid mistake..

One thing for sure, I never been there and would'nt wanted to go when my brain still can think time, you know why? because i dunt like to eat fish..they have this "sheng" smell and taste which its a NO NO for me!

And I am right.. I ordered a flamming platter for one

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Not Nice ler..

But my hub Norwegian Salmon is darn nice!!!

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Juicy big fat salmon meat

Funny thing? I felt better right after i finished my meal..

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Hate being so fragile..hope i can just pull out my salur separuh bulat and fix it myself.

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Huei said...

y ur flamming platter not nice??? looks delicious!!

both oso looks delicious!!

i'm hungryyy!!! hehehe