Saturday, June 23, 2007

My Collection

Here the photos i promised to post up . My collection left over after the give away due to no place to keep. Nice? All from the clamping machine in hit aeroplane long (translate into cantonese, you will get it)

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cute dont-know-what-animal holding ice cream

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Big nose stitch!

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Original Sonic The Hedgehog

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Pink fat piggy

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My all collection after give away and its starts to grow again..

and these are the one that I mentioning

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out from so much here..who want to go this weekend? come we go together!

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Venue: Sg Wang Plaza!


aLExpikachU said...

Lot of dolls you own...@__@
You are so lucky, can grab such cute dolls :)

AceOne118 said...

Can open shop to sell it adi. kekeke

yung . said...

I never know there are hardcore fancy like you over those doll machines! No wonder there's surely 1 or 2 this kind of machines in the theme park.

babyfiona said...

[alexpikachu] no lucky ler, went to lesson before one ;p

[ace1] woi, sorry ler cannot kasi u ler, these are the one left only ler..u should have ask earlier!

[yung] not fansi, but addicted

Anonymous said...

lol.. let me put in simple words..
after u start clamping, and each time after u get one.. the sensation is like orgasm.. wakaka
after a while.. u no longer want to "kaip" what u want.. but more on u have an urge to take all the soft toy inside the cabinet home with u ( after u become pro ).. that is when the addiction start..
the holidayplanet in sg wang, midvalley, kota raya (chap lap) ppl there pretty much can recognise me and fiona's face.. and our "pro-ness" spread fast and eventually everyone ask us to help them "kiap".. do u know that this addiction can cure leg pain, back pain, and etc? mayb fiona will tell u in her next post..

JerryLee said...

1 word.


Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Wah gila banyak! I see also pening...hahha!

Huei said...


how u manage to get so many!?!?!?!?!

i 1 oso cannot get!!

so keng!! teach me!!!! heheh