Sunday, July 8, 2007

He is Gone Forever..

I know, i know, its my fault again to let you all to wait so long. Long enough and now i am seeing Brachiosaurus and brontosaurus wandering around inside my blog page. Do you all know what is the similar thing of these two species?? Long neck!

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Alright! here is the guy that I missed so much these few days. Its been a week since he left. *sob sob* and he never even misses me. So bad of him.



************* TARA!

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my white price..

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Small in size and not man enough..

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Nice Backside!

He is really bad right! never say goodbye to me..after I sold him off :p

And now I am going to hide myself before someone starts to throw rotten egg to me .
* hides myself fast*


Nastasshea@Nesh said...

He duwan to say goodbye or ur the one duwan to see it go away... *stares*... hehehe!!

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

lol.. u sell him off and u expect him him to say goodbye to u?! LOL... He must be hating u right now!!

babyfiona said...

[nesh] he don't even have chance to say goodbye ... too rush already..

[kev] abudent? of course i expect him to at least blink his eyes to me for the last time bad..but i think he will have a new owner soon. Very soon..

AceOne118 said...

Next week go buy this car number at TOTO. My instinct tell me going to come out.

babyfiona said...

[ace1] my this car number very hard to buy one. 1268 u go buy and see!

FL Sam said...

Bradder Aceone, nice suggestion. I am also going buy this number. Kena belanja u all makan. :)

Huei said...

ahHH!!! means got new car?? =D

Anonymous said...

yup a new avanza green 1.5

Rabbit said...

*aims good good* *throws carrots* *hits fiona* Ka tush!!!!

Oi! New avanza green! Bring me go kaikai!!! I book first aH!!

babyfiona said...

[fl sam] go buy, won edy belanja me hehehe!

[huei] yeah, as the anonymous said.

[lehbit] u throw me with carrot still wanna ask me to bring u go kai kai

maverick said...

oic.. so its ur old car :P old one no go, where got new one come la.. poor kancil, cry till get red eyes oledi, some more u say he no say good bye to u..kekekeke

Sweetpea said...

not just rotten eggs... i throw flour as well, JUST TO MAKE SURE IT STICKS TO YOU! muuahahahaaa!!

babyfiona said...

[maverick] yeh, my CLK hehehe

[sweetpea] wah! u so bad! *run fast*