Sunday, September 16, 2007

Beautiful Flip Flop

On the happy Friday morning, after I had taken my late breakfast at around 10.30 am in the office, everything seem to be fine until I saw these pictures sent to me from one of my friend which came through the email.

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A nice pair of colorful flip flop on the beautiful beach. Normal beautiful beach scenery? Not after you scroll down..not anymore...

After I saw the next few pictures.. I am considering throwing away my cheap RM 2.99 flip flop which I bought from Giant few months ago..although it is really comfortable for walking..

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I almost puke all my breakfast right after I saw this BBQ foot..

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Not sure if its cause by our fierce sun or the quality of the flip flop, but I think I rather throw away my RM 2.99 than have pay for the medical bill or worst, HAVE to go through the process of pain and the healing..OUCH!

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Still think to own one? Better not! By the way,I know its gruesome, but well at least I am sharing with you right? Sharing is Caring :D


joy said...

If you try on yours and something feels strange, like your feet become itchy or something, then see your dermatologist straightaway. But for now, don't throw away your cute flip-flops just yet UNLESS they're from the same make?

Your Love Coach

littlepolaris said...

ahaha, hey i wore flipflop to beach that day, my feet still intact and beautiful =P

babyfiona said...

[Joy] I think by the time I can feel the itchiness or anything..its will be a bit too late ;p. Anyway, this post is just to inform people that such case happened.

[littlepolaris] CHOI!!!-_____-" of course intact lar want to be like that meh???

-ritchie- said...

i think is because of burning of skin when the flip-flops to hot bcoz dispose to sun too long..

Huei said...

argh!! yuck!!! omg! i didnt know flip flops do that! luckily i dun wear!

yipguseng said...

hahaha, never even once i wear flipflop. never like it, guess is my instinct tat tells me it's dangerous! hahaha

danielctw said...

but then, i dun think it's tat way rite.. I guessed it must be becoz of the wearing too long on the sun or if the flip flops have bad rubber then it might burn the skin

babyfiona said...

{ritchie, yipguseng,danielctw] I really do not know what really happen. I guess its because the flip flop mentioned here and in the email was made from those cheap rubber, so when the sun get too hot, the rubber will begin to melt and thus burn the skin as well. Maybe maybe, my assumption only :p

[huei] so geli..i saw also i starts to shiver myself...