Sunday, September 16, 2007

Blame The Sun

I hate the sun, it is so hot that its seem to burn my skin whenever I am out for a wlak and due to that I now experiencing some itching on my skin.

Not only I am experiencing the after effect of the hot weather, I think my house refrigerator also start to have some problem as at the moment, the temperatures stood at around 32 to 33 celcius, the fridge have to work harder in order to make sure the food are well kept. I can hear the sound of the compressor runs and each time when its around 12pm, its tend to be louder.

The same things goes to my room air-conditioners whereby I can feel that it is not as cold as before when I first bought it and after a routine service recently, I got to know that I might need to change the compressor which will cost me a few hundred bucks.

Well, I guess, if i will need to repair them, why not I just opt for a replacement and I will get a new unit minus the headache.

Normally before I buy a new electrical appliances, I will do my homework first by searching online for the prices and product information and then only drive around to look for a local retailer due to the lack of information on the location of the local stores nearby.

Well, with Krillion, all my problem was solved with its unique Krillion Localization Engine. Its so easy with Krillion whereby right after I finished my search, I could just grab my key and off I am on my way to purchase the item.

Oh by the way, I had just finished my search of my new refrigerator, air-condition and also a new Maytag Dryers which I find it very useful. Well, when I am not around, you can always make yourself comfortable at Krillion where its focuses on finding and delivering relevant search results for national brands.

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