Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Chicken lays Egg!!!

I was busy working and suddenly have the urge to click the refresh button. Once pressed, I was so surprised when I saw two fresh "egg" inside and without further ado, I click the "reserve" button as fast as I can. Hey, its not every a Sunday for me alright? I have not been seeing any egg for like a week.

Right after I click the reserve button, the page refreshed itself and I saw another one. Reserved, refreshed and there another one again..

This time, I went to buzz Princess Neshimaru to prompt her for her immediate action.

The first message I sent over to her sound like this

Wei! Got Opp lar! Macam Ayam bertelur!! which mean the opp came out like the chicken laying eggs. Damn alot!

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The eggs I reserved can make me vomit if I do them straight tonight ..

Well, guess I am not going to bed early today.

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