Monday, December 10, 2007

Gift Sent Out Last Week

The prize for previous small gift away was sent out last week Thursday via Poslaju but seem like the owner haven't receives it yet. Hopefully will reach him soon as I do not wish to see Mirmo again on my door step!

Below are the photos before the send out.

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A paper card to congratulate and wish him belated birthday.

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Mirmo packed nicely to avoid any water sipping in. Rainy days ler.

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Special box to accommodate Mirmo and special gift. Sorry ler Itchitaka, I was in a hurry to send it out, so just bear with the packaging and also the hand written note. I know it is so fugly and hard to read :P


Jon Chu said...

hey. the mirmo cute la. haha.

babyfiona said...

Jon chu - hi! your avatar is very cute lar! hehehe. Drop by for more freebies. I will be giving out plush toy once in a blue moon :D

Ichitaka Leingod said...

hey, I finally received it liao! nasib baik I didn't go out yet else 10 minutes later sure I missed the pos laju person liao ^^;

Thanks a lot wor...! some more got 2 very nice hp hangers. I hope the other one can give to my future gf real soon, haha.

so kind of u to wrap it in a plastic, in case of rain! the mirmo will be safe in my hands... maybe will accompany me always whenever I drive! thanks again!! XD