Friday, December 14, 2007

Hospital failed to detect baby’s death - 14 December 07

Whenever I read the news on our local hospital, I will be very scare especially this kind of thing can only happen at our local hospital. This is not the first time I heard incident like this happen and will not be the last I guess.

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BUTTERWORTH: A teacher wants to know why hospital authorities failed to detect that his baby was already dead inside his wife’s womb 24 hours before she went into labour.

Khairul Anuar Abdul Rahim, 36, alleged that he was told that his baby was alive when his wife, Shahriza Abdul Rami, 30, went for a check-up at the Penang Maternity Hospital on Monday.

Khairul, from Simpang Ampat, said his wife was admitted to the Seberang Jaya Hospital at 5.50pm on Tuesday and claimed that 15 minutes later, the doctors suspected that the baby had died.


How can you expect to trust the hospital anymore after you read such cases. The last news on the baby girl who had to lost her arm was really a tragic and also caused by the hospital's negligent in carrying out its duties. I heard from my friend saying one of her mother's friend that she is now in the process of suing one of the local hospital because they remove the wrong fallopian tube which they suppose to remove the another one due to her etopic pregnancy! -____-"


yipguseng said...

this is damn sad man....

Dr's fault or hospital fault? don't u think ppl nowadays got their dr license a bit too easy? not like last time where everything must be perfect and the Dr back then all were quality..

babyfiona said...

yipguseng - the mother's friend case is doctor fault, because the doctor did not check properly which side is which side when he is looking at the x-ray scan photo -____-"

Yalor, I agreed! so many youngster studying medical that I see do not have quality..sigh.

Rose's World said...

dont tell me this is the government hospital?? Very scary and sad!

babyfiona said...

rose's world-I dont dare to say if that is a government hospital or not, but you can google the hospital name anytime :D.