Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Parking Space Problem

It's has been a huge problem here at my working area whereby there is not enough space for parking. Out of 10 clients and suppliers that came to visit us, 9 of them will voice out their problem of getting a parking space. They complained that they have to go a few round and sometimes will need to park far away from my office.

I, myself also facing the same problem whenever I want to park my own vehicle around the office area. It either, I go earlier then all the people or I will be left with nothing and thus need to park 5 minutes walking distance from my office. I am thinking to get myself a private space whereby I will just pay an amount monthly to reserve my parking space. Guess that will solve my problem.

I remember my brother told me before that, last time when he is still in UK, there is a place where you can find Parking Space for Rent. To have your own parking space is so easy like ABC. Just login to http://www.parklet.co.uk and you can search for all the parking space available and starts looking for your desirable parking space or garage. Or if you wish to save on your rental, you can simply recommend their services to a friend and if they confirm to let or rent a parking space, you will receive a £20 as a complimentary. So just imagine you if you introduce 2 friends each month and you will have your parking space free of charge.

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