Wednesday, February 20, 2008

3 Day Kenko Diet Plum

Feel better today without any sign of tummy ache or tummy discomfort as I ditch on taking the next Kenko Diet Plum yesterday night. What a big relief to me.

It's been really a hell days for me on Monday and Tuesday as I keep on getting tummy ache and discomfort whenever I eat and the need to go for a dump really effecting my work. Thus my decision on skipping the diet plum for a day it's really a good one! Let see if I will be taking the Kenko Diet Plum tonight or not. I do not want to look like a dead corpse every single day. I think all my colleague see me like I am a walking corpse. Even my boss also look at me semacam!


Eileen said...

Really can lose weight?

babyfiona said...

Eileen - yes technically but for my sensitive tummy, I cannot take daily..too frequent to the loo. -__-"

you can try google it and its return lots of review on this Kenko Diet Plum :D