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Call me "Cabin Attendant"!

Call me "Cabin Attendant"! 飛機阿姐

Another japanese drama for you to enjoy with friends and family for this coming Chinese New Year and of course for those who is not going anywhere or got no plan to anywhere!. Like usual direct download it with copying the link and open a new link to download it.

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Title: Call me "Cabin Attendant"! (aka CA to Oyobi!)
Title: 飛機阿姐
Length: 11 Episodes

Mizuki Arisa as Yamada Sae / Tanihara Shosuke as Takaoka Shin / Karina as Kikuchi Yuka / Sato Eriko as Fujisawa Risako / Oshinari Shugo / Yasuda Misako as Hoshi Nanami / Higashihara Aki / Nishida Naomi as Tanaka Megumi / Kawahara Ayako / Sawamura Ikki as Minamida Toshihiko / Tonesaku Toshihide / Itaya Yuka / Harada Kenji / Nishiyama Sousuke (ep3)

“Call me CA!“ tells the story of a 28-year-old, single domestic airline CA (cabin attendant), Sae Yamada (Arisa Mizuki), looking for love and fulfillment in life...well not really. She’s looking for love, PERIOD! Five years ago, her high school sweetheart was snatched from her grasp by a CA.That’s what prompted her to pursue a career as a CA despite of having no interest in the profession itself.In the air, Sae experiences losing altitude of self esteem by repeating bungles, and is ordered time and time again to write letters of apology by her boss.On the ground, Sae devotes her full attention to attending‘Go-kon’ (group blind date, the ritual which fuels the social life of Japanese singles). But on one of these Go-kons, Sae finds a younger, prettier colleague,who snubbed Sae’s idea of showing up wearing their killer uniforms. Sae learns a lesson about the rules of survival in the love jungle; there are no rules! And if that isn’t enough, she is constantly looked down by nasty international CAs. But Sae shows cheerful resilience, or even talent for navigating the girls through fighting against common enemies such as womanizers specializing in CAs. Still Sae has difficulty expressing her honest feelings to a handsome pilot (Shosuke Tanihara), saying spiteful things,which only leads into their perpetual quarrel. You might call it the foreplay of a relationship.Through her bumpy flight, Sae is gradually learning that happiness is something not given by others, but grasped by oneself. Can Sae spread her wings as a CA, and succeed the soft landing of love? --NTV

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