Sunday, February 3, 2008

Fine Art Storage

I know a friend that likes to collect all those fine art that she get from all over the world result from her job that need her to travel frequently. Within a month, she can be flying more than 3 countries and because of this, she will bring back lots and lots of her new collection. Hey mind you, it ain't cheap either! Once she bring back a sculptures that cost her a whopping USD 10,000.00 and she is now engaged with a company that is dealing with Fine Art Storage to store her valuable.

Since she is thinking that, she already have so many collection varies from sculptures, portraits, antique to chandeliers from all over the countries, she insist that she wanted to open an exhibition soon and guess what, no other company that she will be using except for Mind's Eye as she said, this is the best company that she feel safe with all her valuable in their hands for storage, shipping and also display.

Well, since she insist that she wanted to organize such exhibition with help from professional Fine Art Storage that she can actually leave all her valuable with them, I guess it's should not be a problem. Just hoping that she will be happy with what she is doing and for those who need the assistant for the same matter, you can actually check them out at

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